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What Are The Main Mistakes In Relationship With Russian Women?

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Relationship With Russian Women

You still do not have a serious relationship, and your previous ones lasted three months and outlived themselves…Then this article is for you! Today we will tell you what the main male mistakes are in relationship with Russian women.

  1. You don’t adjust efforts for the development of your relationship. Here comes the moment when the desired person is now yours, and everything seems to be all right, but… If you do not make efforts to maintain a relationship, then you can not count on long happiness. The period of affection will pass, but who said that you need to forget to please your soul mate with small surprises?
  2. You permanently mock at your beloved woman. Do not think that the constant jerks and irony will help you improve relationships. Such “jokes” show that you are selfish, and think primarily of yourself. Learn to maintain and show respect.
  3. You forget about yourself. In a pair, each person changes style, interests and behavior. This is normal and this happens everywhere, but this does not mean that it is worth betraying one’s interests. You are a person. Just be yourself.
  4. You cheat on her. Before doing something that will cause problems, distrust and parting, think, and what will happen if your beloved woman will cheat on you?
  5. You forget about your friends. Yes, in a relationship you will have common friends, but this does not mean that you have to forget the old ones. At least sometimes call your old friends, because they will be the first people to whom you run in case of problems.
  6. You compare your partner with other women. Internally, all people are different, even if they look similar, so stop comparing. And if you specifically try to see in your partner a former passion, then leave. This is not your woman and she does not suit you.
  7. You avoid talking about problems. Misunderstanding will not go away if you remain silent. If you do not like something, then just say it. In such a way you’ll you solve the problem and the explosion will not happen. So, the relationship will be stronger.
  8. You can adore your mom, dad, sister or friend, but your beloved woman will be pleased, if everything that happens in your life, you will tell first of all to her.
  9. You spy upon your woman. Everyone has read the correspondence of a loved one at least once, this is normal, but in everything you need to see the measure. If you do not trust the beloved and constantly control her, then soon she will feel like in prison, and this is unlikely to make her happy.
  10. Remind about all made mistakes. If you could forgive the mistake – do not remind it, at least out loud. But in any case, do not take about it in quarrels as a trump card. If you can not forget, just leave this woman.
  11. You don’t support your partner. Perhaps your loved one does not do what you would like, but this does not mean that you do not need to support him, because a loved one expects you to understand.

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If you follow these little tips, then the quality and duration of the relationship will improve significantly and move to a new level.

Don’t forget to make pleasant surprise to your woman. This will positively influence on your relationship. Do you wonder how to make the girl a pleasant surprise? You need to surprise the woman more often. Regardless of whether you are going on a first date or already “live happily ever after.” In order to intrigue a girl, you either need to regularly surprise her, or constantly feed the awakening interest. The main thing in this issue is regularity.